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The purpose of the Chambers County Republican Party is not to simply promote an organization, but rather to promote ideals that are beneficial to all members of our society.  America has been called the land of opportunity and from my extensive travels around the world I’ve seen no better place to flourish through personal ambition than this great nation. To do this, we hold fast to the following principles:

  1. Government must be limited to those roles laid forth in the Constitution. To go beyond those limits takes our nation down the slippery slope to authoritarian government all too commonplace in this world today.
  2. A strong national defense is the cornerstone of the primary role of government. America must maintain an active, engaged role in world affairs firstly to promote our own economic and defense interests and secondly as a good faith partner in our relationships with our allies.
  3. Barriers to opportunity must be removed. Government must not be in the business of picking economic winners and losers or succumbing to special interests.
  4. The educational system should be controlled primarily at the local level with a supporting role played by the state government. No constitutional authority exists at the federal level to mandate standards or actions to schools.
  5. Elections must be conducted in a fair and open manner with ballot security being a primary concern. Regardless of the results, elections must represent the true will of the people. Voter verification is crucial to ensure that the ideal of “one person, one vote” is not compromised.

Chambers County Republican Party
Eric Smith, County Chairman
P. O. Box 467
Mont Belvieu, Texas  77580


Executive Committee meets quarterly, the third Monday night of the month, 7PM, locations vary.


Chambers County Republican Women

Meets on the 2nd Monday night of the month, 6:00PM, locations vary.





Venmo: @ChambersCountyGOP

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